World Coffee Expo

For the first time in India we will witness showcase of entire Coffee Value Chain. Exhibition will be visited by over 3000 WCC registered delegates and over 100,000 business visitors and coffee enthusiasts. They will further connect with millions of coffee enthusiasts through print, electronic and social media engaged.

Exhibitor Profile
   ☕  Coffee Producers & Exporters
   ☕  Single Origin Estate
   ☕  Coffee Brands & Cafe Chains
   ☕  Coffee Machines - Home, Office and Cafes
   ☕  Brewing and Roasting equipments
   ☕  Coffee Farm Equipment & Supplements
   ☕  Flavours & Essences
   ☕  Innovation and Sustainable Technologies
   ☕  Coffee Start-Ups
   ☕  Packaging Industry
   ☕  Coffee Related Processed Foods
   ☕  Allied Products & Industry
   ☕  Research & Agro Technology
   ☕  IT Solutions for Coffee Sector (Farm to Cup)
   ☕  Coffee Tourism
   ☕  Coffee & Skills
   ☕  Home Stays

Special Focused Pavilions
   ☕  Sponsors Pavilion
   ☕  Country Pavilion
   ☕  Coffee Asia Pavilion
   ☕  Coffees of India
   ☕  Global Brands
   ☕  Equipment & Services
   ☕  Roasters & Curers
   ☕  Host State Pavilion
   ☕  Coffee Brewing Centre
   ☕  B2B Centre

Regional Pavilions - Asia, Africa, Latin America
   ☕  Allows Countries of the regions to showcase their best of coffees and coffee related equipment
   ☕  Country Pavilion provides a unique and global stage to engage with the host country & international audience for potential trade and partnerships
   ☕  Pavilions will be at special designated and prominent location @ WCC expo
   ☕  The organizers will bring extra visibility to these pavilions through print, electronic and digital media as well as invitation to all the stake holders to visit these pavilions to explore business opportunities

Facilitation of Buyer-Seller Meet
   ☕  One of the popular and sought-after ingredient of the Event.
   ☕  An online tool for pre-planning business networking.
   ☕  Interact with Registrants well before the show.
   ☕  Facilitates one-on-one meetings between national & international delegates and business visitors.
   ☕  Explore partnerships and collaborations.

Special Programme - Small Coffee Planters
   ☕  One day workshops dedicated to small growers    ☕ Guidance from Experts
   ☕  Live Demonstrations    ☕  Success stories    ☕  Case studies    ☕  Audio Video Presentation.

Global CEO's Conclave
   ☕  CEOs' of global roasting and trading companies will be invited to meet at WCC 2020 in Bengaluru to discuss initiatives and possible strategies to overcome the extreme stress that twenty five million coffee growers of the world are undergoing.
   ☕  ICT will try and spotlight various solutions to these problems in the months preceding WCC 2020 so that the conclave will end with positive solutions involving all the major stake holders in the global coffee community.

WCC 2020-Golf Championship
Coffee Planters, Industry Captains ,Foreign Delegates and Coffee enthusiast golfers to be invited to participate in WCC-Golf Championship to be scheduled during the event.

Field Visits
An opportunity for delegates to visit and explore some of the best coffee estates of India located in Coorg, Chikamagalur & Sakleshpur as well as other regions.

Will be an exciting opportunity and an enriching experience to witness the different varieties of shade grown coffee under the canopy of thick rain forest.

Visits Coffee Processing centers (Curing, Roasting Etc).

Visitors can also enjoy Home stays and experience unique life, tradition and cuisine of the local people.