International Tradeshow

The World Coffee Expo draws global leading coffee professionals and companies - from corporate leaders to CEOs and to specialized & unique local and regional chains, start-up manufacturers and retailers, producers around the world representing every growing region and passionate individuals and connoisseur from every walk of life within the Coffee industry. World Coffee Expo is only place to maximize your investment and reach your target customer

International Trade show offers opportunities for
   ☕  Participants to display their expertise and cutting edge know-how
   ☕  Display and presentations of innovative technologies, vendor displays, and sampling of coffees from India and abroad.
   ☕  Farm Equipment Manufacturers to display their latest machinery and equipment that help change the way growers and planters work on their estates.
   ☕  Promote the unique & diverse shade grown coffees of India globally.
   ☕  Showcase latest equipment and technologies from Coffee Plantations to Cafes.
   ☕  Promote Coffee Tourism across established and emerging coffee regions of India
   ☕  Launch your Brand, Products and Services @ WCC 2020
   ☕  Held in the Coffee capital of India - Bangalore

Participants' Profile

   ☕  Delegates, Exhibitors & Visitors
Coffee Marketers | Coffee Producers & Planters | Coffee Exporters | Coffee Retailers | Coffee Roasters

   ☕  Suppliers & Services
Exporters of Raw Product | Industrial and Specialty Roasting | Coffee Bar Chains | Specialty coffee retailers | Coffee Packaging

   ☕  Equipment Manufacturers
Roasting equipment & Systems|Domestic/Commercial Coffee brewing equipment | Grinders | Wet/Dry Coffee Processing Machinery| Humidity Controllers |Vending Machines|Domestic & Commercial |Espresso machines|Coffee Farm Equipment | Quality testing Equipment|

   ☕  Allied Services
Independent Food Service owners/operators| Restaurateurs and Chefs | Food and Beverage Buyers | Retail Store Chain purchasing Managers |Distributors & Channel partners | Manufacturers of flavours and essences | IT services and products for the coffee industry | Water treatment and waste processors | R & D Labs | Banks and Insurance companies | Health and organic food buyers and operators

Exclusive Theme based Pavilions@ WCC 2020

   ☕  Country Pavilions
   ☕  Coffee Asia
   ☕  Coffees of India
   ☕  Global Brands
   ☕  Equipment and Services
   ☕  Crop to Cup