B2B Meetings

Partnering tool helps schedule targeted meetings using our One-on-One B2B, B2G, B2C partnering application and set up face-to-face meetings with the leaders both local and international, policy makers from state & central government and industry captains from the Coffee and its allied industry. This application aims to make maximum use of time and facilitate access to relevant audience with a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Field Visits
Experience the beauty and comfort of Heritage Bungalows, soak in the style and leisurely times of another era in the midst of nature's splendour and experience the hospitality of Coffee Plantations and their generous hosts!

   ☕  sip freshly brewed coffee
   ☕  learn about the brews and beans that go into it
   ☕  Go on adventurous Visits to wild life sanctuaries and more.....

The Three day exclusive Coffee Tour, organised as part of WCC 2020 will have everything for a curious coffee aficionado as well as for a connoisseur of fine taste. The delegates on tour will have a first-hand experience of learning and understanding the nuances of shade-grown Indian Coffee in great detail.

Besides they will have an opportunity to explore coffee plantations and meet experts there. So, prepare yourself to discover the myriad varieties, taste different blends and experience the tradition of Hospitality that goes with the coffees of India.

All of this and more will be made possible through the specially designed 'Field Visits' for coffee Lovers.