World Coffee Conference 2020 : International Conference

World's most preferred beverage coffee is undergoing challenging times. The farmers across the world are battling with climate change, increasing cost of production and falling prices. Hence World Coffee Conference in 2020 in India has aptly chosen the theme "Sustainability through Consumption". World Coffee Conference will focus on economic, agriculture, commercial, environmental, social & cultural impact .

Conference - Topics

Emerging Trends in Global Coffee Business
a. Strategies and solutions to overcome sustained price crisis.
b. Key drivers for increasing coffee consumption globally.
c. The growing importance of Robusta - Impact on global blends.
d. Coffee and Sustainability in Asia.
e. Specialty and Third Wave coffee.
f. Coffee & Health: Strategies to communicate benefits to consumers.

I: Production
a. Climate change & Production
b. R&D and new findings

II: Quality
a. Processing
b: Organic coffee, certification etc
c: Phytosanitary issues

III: Technology
a. New Technologies and Coffee
b. Innovations from Farm to Cup
c. New Technologies connecting Farmer to Roaster and Consumer

IV: Consumption
a. Home
b. Speciality
c. Commercial

V: Other Issues:
a. Health
b. Importance of Robusta
c. Gender equality